Click Through Rate Manipulation Services For YouTube: Get The Views You Deserve!

promote your youtube channel

Click Through Rate Manipulation Services For YouTube: Get The Views You Deserve!

Are you tired of spending hours and hours making YouTube videos that get no views?


Have you ever wondered how channels with no subscribers and no content get their videos to rank on the first page of YouTube search results?

The answer is: CTR manipulation

Some people think that buying YouTube views is lame…

Other people realize that YouTube is one of the most popular video platforms on the planet, and understand that getting their video found by thousands, or even millions of people in search results could equal life changing money.  Like six figures.  Like six figures per month, for some channels!

When you understand just how much money their is to be made on the YouTube platform, buying YouTube views just seems to make a lot more sense.

promote your youtube channel

However, the gods-honest truth is that the vast majority of YouTube views for sale online are a straight-up scam.  Most websites claiming to sell YouTube views will just take your money and run.  Some are able to deliver views that show up on in your YouTube analytics for a few days, but frequently these views disappear, because  the YouTube algorithm can tell their is something fishy going on.

Usually, the seller is using a cheap YouTube view bot, and sending fake views to your channel.  Not only is this against YouTube’s terms of service and potentially a way to get your channel penalized (or DELETED) but buying bot views on your YT channel can drastically increase your reach.

How does click through rate manipulation work?

Ctr manipulation works by tricking the Google algorithm into thinking your YouTube video is more popular than it really is.

While you are bound to find a plethora of online vendors offering ctr manipulation services, very few actually do it right…

Believe it or not, the majority of people selling click through rate manipulation services are also using bots, software, or other programs to deliver views to your YouTube videos.  Unlike traditional YouTube view bots, using ctr manipulation tools like Traffic Viper can actually be somewhat effective for ranking YT vids.  But it’s not the best way.

The best way to rank YouTube videos on the first page of search results is paying real people to watch your YouTube videos! Why?  Because real people watching videos is exactly what the YouTube algorithm wants.  If the YT algorithm gets consistent signals that people are searching for, clicking on, and watching your entire video; it is only logical to expect that your video will get picked up by the algorithm, and shown to even more people!

So how do you hire people to watch your YouTube videos so that you can increase your CTR and watch time?  Easy!  Hire ctr manipulation services using  Unlike other clickthrough rate manipulation services, the YouTube ranking gigs available here send 100% real human visitors to your videos.  Not only that, but the viewers will watch your entire video (up to a certain time limit) not just the first few seconds!  Since the YouTube views you buy from are actually human viewers, the views will stick, and will not drop from analytics!  You can even use these views to accumulate the 4000 hours of watch time needed to get your channel monetized!

What are you waiting for?


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April 2, 2022