How To Make Money Referring Influencers To Businesses Looking For Tiktok Shout Outs


How To Make Money Referring Influencers To Businesses Looking For Tiktok Shout Outs


It’s no secret that Tiktok influencers make an absurd amount of money from sponsorship deals and shout outs for major brands. 

With the obscene amounts of cash big companies are shelling out for attention on Tiktok, it seems more and more creators are finding ways to profit from the niche audiences they develop.

What many people don’t realize, however, is just how easy it is to cash in on the Tiktok marketing craze.


It’s not just creators with massive followings making money on Tiktok these days, either. 

One of the main factors attracting businesses of all sizes to market on the platform is the ability to reach micro-niches of target customers, who are spending an increasing amount of time scrolling the “for you page” FYP. 

But how do busy business owners or marketing managers find Tiktok influencers who have the micro targeted audiences they are looking for?

Many times they are referred by affiliates, who make money connecting Tiktok influencers with businesses looking to reach the audience the they’ve already established. 

Sort of like middle-men, affiliates get paid a commission for each sale they refer. 

Here at Shout Out Sellers, affiliates earn 5% of every transaction they refer to the platform.

Here’s how the Shout Out Sellers affiliate program works:

The first step to becoming a Shout Out Sellers affiliate is to click the “register” button at the top right of the website’s home page and create your free Shout Out Sellers account.

Once you’ve create your account, you will want to click on “profile” and then “settings”




On the settings page, click “Referral URL generator”




To create your custom affiliate link, enter any URL from the website into the box, and click “Generate URL”




Then all you have to do is share your custom affiliate URL, and you will earn 5% of every transaction from people who join the platform through your link.


So, even if you don’t have a Tiktok account, you can make money by simply creating an affiliate link using a popular creators gig. 

Then, share the affiliate link to that gig with businesses you think would be a good fit for that creator, and you will earn 5% of all of the shoutouts that business buys!


Or, you could create an affiliate link to the homepage of, and share it with popular influencers in a DM. 

If they join the platform and start selling shout outs, you will earn 5% of all the sales they make! 

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the popularity of Tiktok, and cash in on the influencer marketing craze.

January 24, 2022