Shout Out Sellers: The Best Place For Social Media Influencers To Get Paid.


Shout Out Sellers: The Best Place For Social Media Influencers To Get Paid.

It can be difficult to sell shout outs with no experience. Shout Out Sellers is the best place for social media influencers to sell shout outs in 2022. With a secure platform that requires 2-factor authentication, social media influencers can create and post offers to create custom video shout outs for brands and marketers looking to hire popular social media influencers. Creating an account is free, and the platform only charges a 10% fee of creators looking to sell their product. When they sell a shout out, creators get paid directly into their paypal account! Getting paid to post videos to social media? What more could creators ask for?


Why brands are paying big money for shout outs on small accounts just like yours

Video content is dominating the digital landscape for a reason: it is the most engaging form of content currently available to the average person. Sure, VR and the Metaverse may be a bit cooler for technophiles and video game nerds, but most of use still just use our phone. That is why Tiktok just became the most used website on the internet, and why YouTube has been exploding in popularity for more than a decade. But its not multi-million dollar budget Hollywood productions that bring billions of people to video sharing platforms like YouTube and Tiktok…

Its the personal connection we get from connecting with other people like us!

That is something corporate America is having a hell of a time trying to recreate, even with their massive budgets. That is exactly why major brands are paying big money to creators who already have a following of their desired audience. While you may see your 2000 followers as just people who enjoy seeing your gardening tips or video game streams, big companies see a chance to sell tools, games, and everything else you can think of!

Selling shout outs is a massive opportunity for people looking to make money from home on social media

What would be easier? Paying your bills by making 15 second Tiktok videos all day, or what you do now? I don’t know you, but I’m guessing taking selfie videos at your leisure would be a lot more enjoyable than whatever you currently do for a living! That is why more more people than ever are joining the great resignation, and leaving the workforce to make money online. If you’re not ready to dive head first into affiliate marketing, selling video shout outs on Tiktok and YouTube is a great way to get started with an online side hustle in 2022.

And it’s not just the earning potential that is attractive, selling shout outs to brands gives you a chance to get paid for something you do already! The best part is, when you’re selling shout outs, you can realistically make money anywhere. As long as you have internet connection to check you Shout Out Sellers account and post your videos, you can make a reliable income selling shout outs on social media.

How many followers do you need to sell shoutouts on Tiktok?

Monetizing content has always been one of the biggest challenges for new creators. It’s hard enough to build a decent following. But once you’ve done that, how do you actually turn those views into money? Thanks to the fastest growing shoutout selling platform designed specifically to help small creators, there is no minimum following required to sell shout outs on your Tiktok account. Obviously, the bigger your audience, the more you can charge for your shout outs. However, Shout Out Sellers allows for shout outs to be sold for as little as $5, meaning anyone can sign up for free and start making money selling shoutouts!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and start selling shout outs on social media!

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January 10, 2022